Furniture For Big Families

May 19, 2017

Furniture For Big Families

Furniture For Big Families

Large families face many home design issues that most people would never need to think about: and one such challenge is how to fit such a large number of people into a normal sized living room.


Here are a few helpful hints that may come in handy when choosing furniture.


Sectionals are a smart choice because they can fit several people into one single piece of furniture. As a general rule, the more you can minimize the number of furniture pieces needed, the more spacious your layout will feel. A loveseat takes less space than two separate recliners, for example, and a sofa takes up less space than three separate recliners. Many sectional sofas can accommodate upward of 5 people, while also boasting a corner that allows them to fit into otherwise unused spaces.


Ottomans. Ottomans are another great choice for accommodating large numbers of people because they are so versatile. Having a quiet night at home with your significant other? Those ottomans make great foot stands. Hosting a birthday party? Ottomans make great makeshift benches. And regardless of the occasion, many ottomans also double as open-up storage spaces, which allows you to reduce the clutter that so many families of all sizes struggle with.


Durability. Investing in high-quality furniture that is going to last for years to come is always a smart decision -- but quality and durability are especially important for large families, who put furniture through lots of wear and tear. Leather furniture is likely a smart choice, as this is the only furniture fabric that actually tends to improve with age and use.


Design Styles. Furniture manufacturers that emphasize a sleek, minimalistic style are usually preferable for large families, as they can help free up precious square footage in the home. Ekornes’ Stressless furniture line is a good place to start searching, but you can also check out the entire Recliners.LA selection here in order to find the perfect fit. Happy shopping!