How Long Should a Good Recliner Last?

November 30, 2018

How Long Should a Good Recliner Last?

It may be time for a new edition!

Do you remember when you first got that recliner? The one which has adorned your living room for years and years. That comfortable piece of furniture has served you well for some time, but recliners, like people, don’t live forever; as sad as it may be, you will have to get a new one sooner or later.

The average, regularly-used recliner lasts about 10 years, but a chair’s lifespan is largely dependent on the environment in which it sits. If you’re someone who doesn’t kick back all that often, there’s a good chance your chair will last longer than a decade. In households where kids and pets are running around without end, it’s likely the chair won’t make it to ten-years-old. Of course, the quality of your chair and materials used to build it factor in as well, though even chairs of the finest quality don’t live forever.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although comfort is important—it’s a recliner after all—there are some other things (shape, cushion density, etc.) that you should consider if you’re purchasing a chair with longevity in mind. Additionally, when it comes to reclining mechanisms, you should go with a handle-operated mechanism over one that is reliant on you pushing back; the handle-operated chairs last longer!

Don’t forget to try things out in the store; you can gauge a chair’s reliability quickly once you sit in it and operate it.

Where Should I Go to Get a New Recliner?

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