How Mid-Century Furniture Designs Are Influencing Motion Furniture

June 21, 2016

How Mid-Century Furniture Designs Are Influencing Motion Furniture

Just as with any type of art--and yes, designing and building furniture is an art--there have been a lot of innovations and changes in the world of furniture throughout the years. Sometimes furniture design has followed in the footsteps of other types of design, like architecture, sculpture, and fashion. Other times, furniture designers have strayed from the beaten path in order to build something entirely new.

One of the most widely used styles of furniture today is Mid-Century. The use of this style has changed not only the design of many different types of household furnishing--like cabinets, sofas, tables, and more--but has changed how practically and efficiently we live our lives. Some would even call the invention of Mid-Century style a revolution in the world of furniture. Ready to learn more?


So What Exactly Is Mid-Century Furniture?


Mid-Century refers to a style of architecture and furniture that first came into existence in Europe and the United States in the middle of the 20th century, following the end of world war two, although it has been traced back to stylistic influences in Germany longer before that. Mid-Century style emphasizes cleanness, utility, and straight lines, as well as solid colors. It is, at the same time, artistically refined, yet no-nonsense and down to Earth. Ornaments and excessive decorations were shunned in favor of straight, clean surfaces and edges. The discovery of new materials like plastic that afforded pieces durability and beauty but also cost-effectiveness helped the movement grow.


How Mid-Century Is a Great Style For Motion Furniture


Mid-Century, because of its no-nonsense, easy and practical appeal, has been a common stylistic component of motion furniture. Motion furniture is designed to be easy to use, portable and motion ready, which are the exact things Mid-Century style is all about. Moreover, Mid-Century style is conducive to design that is comfortable because of its simplicity. Once again, this is exactly what is needed for great motion furniture.


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