How to Create a Floor Plan

July 26, 2017

How to Create a Floor Plan

How to Create a Floor Plan

Creating a detailed floor plan for your home can be one of the most useful and insightful tricks for interior design. And this is especially true for anyone who is considering purchasing furniture online. Careful planning is the best way to ensure that furniture you haven't seen in-person will fit in with your existing setup, after all. 


Here is a brief overview on how you can put together a functional floor plan for your home before you begin shopping for furniture: 


Measuring Your Space 

The first step in creating an accurate floor plan is to measure the dimensions of your room. Pay special attention to doorways and any irregular nooks or corners. Also, if you have large items that you don't plan on moving or don't see yourself putting elsewhere, you might as well factor them into the floor plan in order to give yourself a more accurate portrait of the space you're working with.  


Drawing it up 

Once you have the measurements for your room, it's time to draw up your floor plan. We recommend using graph paper and pencil for maximum accuracy and flexibility. Alternatively, if you prefer to take a more tech-based approach, then you may wish to check out MagicPlan, a free floor plan creation app available for both iPhone and Android OS phones.  


Envisioning the future. 

With your existing space and setup mapped out, finding the perfect furniture and decor for your space should be a breeze. Of course, there are still many factors left to consider, such as color schemes, style, design, and what type of furniture you plan on incorporating. However, the most basic question of whether furniture will fit in at all is answered -- and you have an accurate and insightful template that will help you weigh your options and envision the future of your home.  


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