How to Finance Your New Leather Recliner

February 12, 2018

How to Finance Your New Leather Recliner


The decision to make any purchase utilizing credit rather than cold hard cash (or cold-hard debit etc.) is always a serious one. After all, we’ve all heard a bad story or two about consumer debt, and nobody wants to become “just another statistic” in this regard.  


 It is important to realize, however, that credit can be a useful tool which allows us to make valuable investments and improve the quality of our lives in a number of ways. Most people understand that buying a home or an automobile on credit is a worthwhile expense, for example. 


 Here are just a few reasons why quality furniture is also a worthwhile investment:  

  • You use your furniture every single day, and it directly impacts your comfort within your own home.  
  • The quality of your sitting posture could impact the health of your back, your muscles, and your joints, according to a recent study published in Harvard Health Magazine.  
  • Top-end furniture can last for years or even decades, as opposed to cheap, assemble-it-yourself furniture, which tends to begin breaking down from the moment you first sit on it.  


Convinced yet? If you have decided to pursue financing for your new leather furniture, then here are four of the most common options that may be at your disposal.  


  1. Layaway and Retailer Financing.Contact your local furniture retailer to learn more about this option. 
  2. Credit Cards.Paying with plastic might be right for you, especially if you are aiming to use a credit card to improve your credit score.  
  3. Home Improvement Loans.Homeowners with solid credit may have the option of taking out a home improvement loan in order to cover relevant expenses such as refurnishing.
  4. Payday Loans.Of the four options listed here, this is oftentimes the most expensive -- however, it is also the most accessible. Depending on your personal circumstances, this could be a smart choice for you. 


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