Keeping the Living Room Organized

January 06, 2017

Keeping the Living Room Organized

Great furniture may be the cornerstone for a beautiful living room--but organization is key for anyone who wants their space to truly shine. Unfortunately, this is oftentimes easier said than done. Kids, pets, guests, and (let’s face it) even grownups can all create quite a bit of chaos. Fortunately, with a bit of planning, it is possible to maintain order. Here are a few helpful hints: 


Control cords. The living room is, for most families, the hub of electronic entertainment. Televisions, cd players, DVRs, DVD players, and maybe even an old VCR all demand plug-in space--and the result, all too often, is a mess. With an appropriate mix of power strips, cord ties, and hard work, however, this clutter can be avoided--resulting in a much more pleasant ambiance.  


Afford yourself one “junk drawer” A fact of life that should probably just be accepted: a bit of clutter and chaos is inevitable. Many people find that, by accepting this fact and relegating a special space such as a drawer for loose ends, a great deal of mess can be diverted away from central areas such as coffee tables. 


Embrace vertical storage. Shelves, door hangers, and other forms of vertical storage can be real life-changers. If you’re looking for a beautiful and exciting way of incorporating this idea, check out Recliners.LA for an extensive selection of entertainment units. 


One in, one out. Did you buy a new knick knack or decoration? Congratulations! But if you want to keep it in the living room, one knick knack or decoration must be moved or donated. New furniture? One piece must be moved or donated. As harsh as this rule may seem, it can really help prevent clutter from building up.  


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