La-Z-Boy Furniture: Where Quality Meets Affordability

May 30, 2017

La-Z-Boy Furniture: Where Quality Meets Affordability

La-Z-Boy Furniture: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Recliners.LA is currently offering a number of popular La-Z-Boy furniture options, such as  the Easton Reclining Loveseat w/Console, at impressively reduced prices. The Easton, for example, normally goes for 2700 bucks -- but it can be yours today for just $1799!  


Why choose La-Z-Boy when there are so many great furniture options available on the web and at Recliners.LA? Here are a few of our favorite reasons why La-Z-Boy rocks! 


Down-to-earth style. Plush cushioning, inviting leather upholstery, and an attractive homey-style make La-Z-Boy a great option for anyone wanting to create a comfy and down-to-earth look for their living room. 


Affordable prices. La-Z-Boy has been one of the most popular American furniture manufacturers for decades, thanks in large part to their affordability. Even though La-Z-Boy furniture is built to compete with some of the world’s best, you would never guess that based on the price alone! 


Comfort is in the name. Once you’ve sat down in a comfortable La-Z-Boy chair, you wouldn’t want to get back up! That’s what inspired the La-Z-Boy brand name, which was chosen during a local contest held by the blooming furniture company back in the 1930’s, and it remains just as true today, over eight decades later. 


A Time-Tested Brand. La-Z-Boy’s long history is another selling point for the company: a manufacturer that has stayed in business this long is surely doing something right, after all! La-Z-Boy’s millions of satisfied customers around the globe can attest to this -- as can our own satisfied customers here at Recliners.LA! 


Quality Guaranteed. Recliners.LA offers a quality and satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, and we feel confident that you will be thrilled with your La-Z-Boy reclining furniture.  


Ready to start shopping? Visit RLA online today to take advantage of all our great deals!