La-Z-Boy Oversized Recliners are the New Norm

December 06, 2017

La-Z-Boy Oversized Recliners are the New Norm

In 1998, The Simpsons aired an episode called “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,” in which Homer Simpson, racked by a mid-life crisis, decides to become an inventor. After a number of absurd failed inventions bring him to the verge of giving up, Homer eventually has a good idea. By adding two hinged extra legs to the back of a wooden chair, he creates a safety mechanism that stops him from falling even though he loves to lean back in his chair. In the midst of celebrating his first good invention, however, Homer realizes that Thomas Edison, his new hero, also attached extra legs to the back of his chair. In a fit of disappointment and anger, Homer and Bart set out to break into the Thomas Edison museum and destroy Edison's chair so that homer can claim the invention as his own.


This episode, now considered a classic, is often cited as the origin of the common misconception that Thomas Edison invented the reclining chair. (As impressive as his list of inventions may be, his six-legged chair featured in the simpson was entirely fictitious. The first people to file a patent on a reclining chair were American cousins Knabusch and Shoemaker.


Those who fell for this urban legend, however, are actually right about one thing -- the simple wooden kitchen chairs used by Homer and Edison in the episode are quite similar to the original patent of Knabusch and Shoemaker. The large, plush, luxurious reclining furniture that we know and love today didn't appear until the 1940’s, when American furniture gint La-Z-Boy began popularizing the idea of the rocker-recliner.


Today, La-Z-Boy continues revolutionizing the recliner industry -- most notably through their new line of oversized chairs. Perfect for stretching out and relaxing or snuggling up with that special someone, these chairs are the pure definition of comfy! Visit the RLA Oversized La-Z-Boy furniture collection online today to see for yourself!