Lafer Furniture is Truly One-of-A-Kind

November 22, 2016

Lafer Furniture is Truly One-of-A-Kind

Lafer furniture is built upon the tradition of one of the most influential post-modern industrial designers in the world, Brazilian visionary Percival Lafer. With a unique array of stunningly and sleek pieces designed to capture the attention while still providing unparalleled comfort and relaxation, it’s easy to see why this company has experienced decades of mounting success. 


Minimalism meets comfort. 

The ultra-sleek design of Lafer furniture can be deceptive: sitting down can feel like sinking into the plushest of chairs, even though each and every Lafer piece is made to be elegant and unobtrusive. Imagined in the heart of the western hemisphere’s largest metropolis, Sao Paulo, Lafer furniture is ideal for cozy urban living spaces, as its characteristic minimalism helps even the tightest of spaces feel open and expansive. 


Lafer Recliners. 

Lafer recliners features independent movement of all primary components: the backrest, the footrest, and the headrest. This enables you to find an optimal and fully customized position that is fully adapted to your need for comfort and support. Visit the Recliners.LA Lafer photo gallery to see examples of Lafer recliners, as well as the company’s well-regarded office chairs. 


Incredible Office Chairs. 

Lafer furniture also uses those same values of customization and style to make some of the world’s best office chairs. With a growing body of research demonstrating the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, a Lafer office chair makes a fantastic investment that could keep you healthy and comfortable for years to come.  



Personal preference is always an important factor when it comes to furniture, which is why we highly encourage southern California customers to stop by a Recliners.LA location before making a purchase. For all our out of state customers, however, free doorstep delivery and a satisfaction guaranteed refund policy offer a bit of security. Wherever you may live, we hope you will visit the Recliners.LA website to learn more about the amazing furniture we offer!