Learn More About Zero Gravity Furniture With Recliners.LA

April 28, 2017

Learn More About Zero Gravity Furniture With Recliners.LA

Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t get comfortable? Are you looking for the uniquely weightless, resistance-free relaxation that only a zero gravity chair can offer? If so, then you owe it to yourself to check out Recliners.LA’s selection of zero gravity chairs by world-renowned companies such as Fjords, Human Touch, Palliser, and Svago Furniture. 


Inspired by the space age and drawing upon research conducted by NASA, zero gravity chairs truly are the furniture of the 21st century. Sitting up straight, it turns out, puts quite a bit of stress on the neck and back, which is why so many people who work in call centers, reception desks, and other relatively sedentary jobs actually have a higher incidence of back injury than slightly more active professions.  


Reclining has been shown to offer a more ideal distribution of body weight, allowing tendons, muscles, lumbar disks, and other sensitive parts of the back to enjoy the rest that they need and deserve. For those who are interested, this WebMD article offers a layman’s breakdown of why reclining is healthy, and how you can achieve a posture that promotes a healthy back.  


If you are interested in zero gravity furniture, you will be happy to learn that the price of these innovative pieces has fallen dramatically in recent years. In fact, zero gravity furniture can now be just as affordable as your standard recliner or chair. Don’t believe us? Visit our full zero gravity photo gallery to check out prices, product descriptions, vendor profiles, and much more.  


Whatever kind of furniture you may be looking for, be it zero gravity recliners or supersized home theatre setups, Recliners.LA is sure to have the selection you need to find exactly what you want. Visit RLA online today to view our entire selection and browse our extensive online furniture store.