Looking for Sleeper Sofa Sheets?

April 14, 2017

Looking for Sleeper Sofa Sheets?

There’s no doubt that sleeper sofas have come a long way when it comes to comfort. Even just a decade ago, finding a sleeper sofa that offered a genuinely comfortable place to sleep was a real challenge -- and finding furniture that did a great job as both a sofa and a fold-out-bed was virtually unheard of. Most of you out there have a bad memory or two of passing a sleepless night on a lumpy sleeper sofa mattress.


Fortunately, as anyone who has tried a modern sleeper sofa by a high-end company such as Flexsteel Furniture or American Leather can tell you, there is no need to offer your guests anything less than the best. That’s because fantastic sleeper sofas are now more affordable than ever before.


Finding sheets that are designed with sleeper sofas in mind can be challenging in its own right, and this can be quite frustrating for anyone who wants their guests to enjoy a good night’s sleep without the sheets peeling off the corners of a bed that they just weren’t made for. This is why you owe it to yourself (and to anyone who will be staying at your place) to check out Gotcha Covered’s selection of sleeper sofa sheets. Gotcha Covered is affiliated with American Leather, so, as you can imagine, these sheets are especially apt for American Leather’s selection of sleepers. But, as long as you get the measurements right, these sheets still serve as a great option that outperforms regular bed sheets when it comes to accommodating a sleeper sofa.


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