Over A Dozen La-Z-Boy Recliners On Sale Now!

January 17, 2017

Over A Dozen La-Z-Boy Recliners On Sale Now!

If you needed one more great reason to shop La-Z-Boy furniture, this is it! Right this moment, Recliners.LA is offering once in a lifetime sales on a wide selection of highly coveted La-Z-Boy recliners. Visit our La-Z-Boy photo gallery online today to view this entire selection, or keep on reading to learn more about what makes these recliners special.  


The Rowan Recliner. Featuring a slim and modern design, this minimalistic yet elegant piece is on sale now for just $709, representing a discount of more that five hundred dollars!  


The Pinnacle Recliner. A plush and cozy La-Z-Boy classic, the Pinnacle Recliner is perfect for curling up with book, a cup of coffee, or even both! 


The Gabe Recliner. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to Gabe, but don’t let that fool you: this knifty model has a lot to offer. With a tiny price tag of just $489, (which is less than half of the original cost of this unique chair, by the way) Gabe definitely deserves a closer look.  


The Astor Recliner. This perennial favorite offers everything you could ask for in a recliner: style, durability, adaptability, and, most importantly, comfort!  


The Easton Recliner. One of the classiest picks in the entire La-Z-Boy line, Easton features style and sophistication that far exceeds the modest price of $749.  


The Lancer Recliner. Big, bold, and highly lovable, the Lancer Recliner will make kicking back and watching the game even more relaxing than you expected! 


The Impulse Recliner. Bring back the good old days with this eye-catching retro recliner, available now for just $659. 


To view our entire selection of La-Z-Boy furniture, including a number of other unique and exclusive deals, visit Recliners.LA online today.