Palliser Versus La-Z-Boy

February 23, 2018

Whether you are looking for innovative and stylistic pieces from an artistic designer such as Luonto, durable and family-friendly classics from manufacturers such as Himolla, or high-end elegance from industry leaders such as Stressless by Ekornes, Recliners.LA has you covered with an impressive array of furniture from all the world’s most highly-praised makers of sofas and more!


Two of our most popular brands (unsurprisingly) are La-Z-Boy and Palliser furniture. These companies have been big names in the North American furniture scene for decades -- and they have remained relevant thanks to their impressive commitments to quality, innovation, and style. Below, you can see a complete comparison of everything these brands have to offer:



This storied Michigan-based furniture manufacturer started when two cousins built a recliner prototype made of orange crates in order to relax on their front porch. Just a few short years later, they were selling chairs across the state. And today, of course, their furniture is sold in dozens of countries across the globe. Here are a few of the biggest selling points for La-Z-Boy.


  • Affordable. If you want top-notch furniture at bottom-shelf prices, then La-Z-Boy should be your first consideration.
  • Ubiquitous. Because La-Z-Boy is one of the largest and most popular furniture brands in the world, their styles are well-known and their name is trustworthy.
  • Reliable. La-Z-Boy chairs are hard-working and built to last -- making them an especially attractive choice for families.
  • Classic Comfort. The name La-Z-Boy is virtually synonymous with relaxation.



Made in Winnipeg and sold around the world, Palliser is yet another world-renowned furniture company with humble beginnings. Here are a few reasons to consider a chair from Palliser:


  • Value. Though slightly more expensive than La-Z-Boy, the overall value-per-dollar offered on these chairs is truly impressive.
  • Unique Style. Palliser is a bit more aesthetically adventurous than La-Z-Boy -- making their furniture perfect for urban homes and anyone who wants to leave an impression.
  • Durable Quality. As with La-Z-Boy, you can count on your Palliser chair to stand the test of time and stay comfy and functional for years and years to come.


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