Power Recliners are Part of the Future Smart Home

February 23, 2018

Power Recliners are Part of the Future Smart Home

Though recent innovations in smart home products have certainly been impressive, most experts agree that this technology has only just begun to tap the depth of its potential. We may very well look back on today’s smart homes in the way that we now look back on those early brick-like cell phones!


New smart home inventions are hitting the market every day -- and current tech is constantly getting better. Whether you are an avid smart home enthusiast or a newbie just looking for simple ways to make your life easier, you are sure to appreciate the following five products and the benefits they offer:


1. Lighting. Smart lighting schedules have a number of pragmatic applications -- from helping you wake up in the morning, to setting the perfect mood, or even deterring would-be burglars while you are on vacation.


3. Climate Control. Stretching out in a power massage chair + automatic home climate control = complete relaxation.


3. Entertainment. The only thing better than sinking into a comfortable leather rocker-recliner at the end of a long day at work? Watching your favorite show or chilling out to your favorite tunes while you do it! Fortunately, smart home entertainment products can come in extremely handy for movie buffs, series bingers, and music lovers everywhere.


4. Cookware. Making dinner has never been easier, thanks to new advancements in smart cookware products. Let your home do the cooking for you!


5. Power Chairs. Whether you are looking for power lift recliners from brands such as Ultra Comfort or an automatic massage chair from a manufacturer like Positive Posture, a powered recliner can be the perfect finishing touch on your high-tech smart home. Find the chair of your dreams today by shopping Recliner.LA!