Power Recliners You’ll Fall in Love With

January 26, 2018

Nothing is more satisfying than relaxing in a power recliner chair after a long, tiring day at work. Recliners.LA has power recliners that you will fall in love in an instant. These chairs offer comfort that is out of this world. We have various designs and sizes to meet every customer’s needs. Recliners can be used almost anywhere because of the great features they possess, and they are perfect for any home or office. 


It is easy to operate any power recliner chair that you choose. All you have to do reach out and push the button or pull the lever positioned on one side of the recliner and bring it to the most comfortable positionWhen it comes to choosing the right recliner for your home’s décor, Recliners.LA’s team is here to help you understand your options and find the perfect one. 


Recliners don't come in one size, and it is the best idea to visit the showroom just to have a feel of the available recliners and make a wise choice. We want to make sure that you find the one that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Take a look at these popular options and choose the right one according to your needs. 


Ada Comfort Recliner by American Leather 

You’ll absolutely love the look and feel of this stunning power recliner. Suitable for home and commercial use, the Ada Comfort Recliner by American Leather is made in America and offers a modern take on a classic look. Recliners L.A offers the lowest price in comparison to all of our competitors. The Ada Comfort Recliner has an eloquent headrest that can be adjusted to your individual height, with an exceptional, superior foam that is pliable and adds the perfect amount of cushion. With a warranty 10 years, the Ada Comfort Recliner is sure to serve you for a long time. 


Adele Recliner by Lafer 

Made in Brazil, the Adele Recliner by Lafer is made from the highest quality leather. We are able to offer it in more than one color so you can choose the right color for your décor. The headrest height and angle are adjustable. Adele is suitable for the office and so that you can always be comfortable when you are working all day. Recliners.LA offers a lowest price of the Adele recliner in comparison to other sellers. With a limited warranty of 3 years, it is evident how confident Recliners.LA is with this product.  


Finding Your Perfect Power Recliner 

Power recliners are the perfect options to help you feel perfectly relaxed and at home. These are just a few of the power recliners that we are able to offer, but if you would like to see and feel our entire selection, visit one of our fine showrooms. You'll get to enjoy all of our other recliner chairs. Our team will be there to answer any questions that you may have and to help you choose the best recliner for your needs.