Protect Your New Motion Furniture From Your Pets

February 02, 2018

Protect Your New Motion Furniture From Your Pets


As much as you love your pets, you have to admit (if only to yourself!) that they can sometimes wreak havoc on an otherwise clean and organized home. One of the most expensive forms of doing damage that pets everywhere seem to love? Scratching, shedding, or even peeing on furniture!


Intent on keeping your indoor pets indoors while also equally intent on protecting your brand new motion furniture? It’s a tall task -- but here at Recliners.LA, we consider ourselves to b experts in the matter, and we have compiled a quick list of five helpful tips and tricks that you can use!


1. Clean Regularly. This will help prevent a buildup of pet hair and rubbed-off oils that could otherwise lead to a buildup of virtually-unremovable smells.


2. Use Strategic Covers. You don’t necessarily need to utilize one of those sticky, uncomfortable plastic covers that your grandma seemed to love. Instead, why not simply utilize a blanket in a special place that you set apart for your pets? (They will catch on fast, trust us!)


3. Create a Pet Bed. Similarly, if you make a personalized bed for your dogs, cats, or other whiskered friends, you will likely be surprised by how often they prefer their own special resting spot compared to your top-end leather furniture!


4. Provide Creative Outlets for Energy. Buying a scratching post (or even simply taking a few minutes out of each day to play with your pets) can greatly reduce the destructive energy that they might otherwise utilize when “playing” with your furniture.


5. Set Boundaries. Bad behavior should be treated as such -- so if your pets are deliberately harming your furniture (or other personal belongings, for that matter) don’t be afraid to discipline them in an appropriate manner.


For more tips on buying and caring for your furniture, be sure to visit the motion furniture buying guide online today!