Recliners for Short Legs

September 29, 2017

Even though #shortpeopleproblems may bring up an enjoyable dose of self-deprecating humor and silly photos on Twitter, the truth is that having short legs can be genuinely frustrating sometimes. We have witnessed this many times at RLA when people try out our selection of reclining furniture -- which is why we are happy to have a wide selection of small-sized recliners to accommodate everyone's needs! Here are a few of our favorite petite recliners from some of our favorite furniture manufacturers:


The Garda Recliner and Ottoman from Stressless by Ekornes, available in a variety of color and finish options, is on sale now for just $2,195.

American Leather also offers a collection of small sized recliners, including the Eva Comfort Recliner. Because American Leather furniture is manufactured to order, we request that customers reach out and call Recliners.LA at 888-404-7632 for pricing information on their custom American Leather piece.

If you are looking for a high-tech alternative to classic chairs from companies such as Ekornes and American Leather, then we suggest checking out petite-sized, omni-motion, zero-gravity power recliners from Human Touch. The Perfect Chair 600 silhouette design is one of our top recommendations from Human Touch -- and if you live in the greater LA area, then we encourage you to stop by one of our four RLA locations to see why for yourself!

Junior Petite Lift Recliners from Ultra Comfort are on sale with prices reduced by as much as $1,000 dollars per unit.


Visit Recliners.LA online today to check out all these great chairs, along with other small-sized recliners from the brands mentioned above. Petite recliners are also available from Palliser, Lafer, La-Z-Boy, Himolla, and Fjords. Shop online to take advantage of coast-to-coast shipping -- or, for California residents, visit Recliners.LA in person to try out these comfortable and stylish recliners for yourself!