RLA Price Guide

August 04, 2017

RLA Price Guide

There is quite a bit to consider when shopping for new furniture -- as anyone passionate about creating a beautiful and comfortable home environment could tell you. Selecting color schemes, comparing styles, and envisioning room layouts are just a few of the most rewarding and (for some) enjoyable aspects of furniture buying. 


Among the many factors that influence customers’ decisions regarding furniture purchases, however, there is one consideration that oftentimes reigns supreme: pricing. Most of us set at least some sort of tentative budget before making important decisions for our homes. And, in many cases, if the price isn't right, nothing else matters. 


So if you are researching furniture prices before shopping online or in person, we encourage you to visit the RLA online furniture selection, which features a wide variety of furniture from over a dozen of the world's most renowned furniture manufacturers. Our advanced search feature even allows you to sort by brand, pricing, furniture type, size, and more. This can be extremely useful for anyone looking to get a basic idea of current furniture prices. 


Before heading over to the full Recliners.LA online gallery, take a moment to check out a few of our current furniture pricing highlights.  



  • Searching for rock-bottom prices on top of the line furniture?The Jasper Recliner from La-Z-Boy, normally priced at $849, is nowon sale at Recliners.LA for just $459! 
  • For those who have dreamed of owning a massage chair but hesitate due to the exorbitant prices attached to most high-tech seating, you'll be glad to hear thatTheiJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair from Human Touch is available at an everyday low price of just $499.  
  • Shopping floor model furniture online is now a possibility for Recliners.LA customers -- and the results are incredible deals on amazing furniture, such as thisSierra II Reclining Home Theatre Sofafrom Palliser Furniture, coming in at the reduced price of just $1410 (Nearly a thousand dollar discount from the regular sticker price!)