Sectionals vs. Sofas: Which is Right for Your Home?

October 14, 2016

Sectionals vs. Sofas: Which is Right for Your Home?

Choosing furniture for any living space is an enjoyable yet challenging task. One big decision you will probably encounter: choosing between a sectional or a sofa. Sectionals and sofas are very different, and they cater to different rooms, layouts, and lifestyles. Below is a bit of information about each so you can decide which one is right for your home. 



A sectional consists of a couple pieces of furniture designed to be used together. This can mean loveseat, a sofa, a chaise, or a corner seat in many different combinations. The defining trait of a sectional is its “L” shape. Sectionals are configured so that all guests are all sharing the same piece of furniture, which can help create an extra-cozy layout ideal for movies and large gatherings. Since sectionals do take up so much space, you may have to plan the rest of your room around them. However, that is not to say that sectionals can’t work well in small rooms. It is simply a matter of taking into account what makes more sense spatially.  



Sofas are definitely the more traditional choice for a home, but that doesn't make them better or worse. With a few chairs and cushions in a room, in addition to the sofa, people find that they have a little more personal space and aren’t bumping elbows with their guests. Buying a sofa usually gives you more of an opportunity to diversify with your furniture and well. Instead of one large piece, you will have several smaller pieces that can be rearranged 


Regardless of whether you end up choosing a sectional or sofa, Recliners.LA offers you a wide selection of affordable, quality furniture. You’re sure to find the perfect piece to compliment your home. Contact us today for more information.