Shop Ekornes for a Stressless Buying Experience

Ekornes furniture didn't become the standard of excellence for recliners and sofas overnight. And they certainly didn't get to where they are today by resting on their laurels. For nearly a century, this famed Norwegian furniture manufacturer has been at the cutting edge of comfort and innovation. And their Stressless line of furniture is a perfect example of this. Here are a few of the unique and/or patented features that Stressless furniture by Ekornes boasts.


  • The Stressless 360 Swivel. Stressless recliners are built with motion in mind, because being able to move free and easy is essential to comfort. The 360 Swivel by Stressless is a unique double stem base that offers the hard-to-find combination of effortless movement and superior stability. You have to try it to believe it!
  • Stressless Glide Wheels. We all recline a bit differently -- why should we all depend upon standardized reclining systems to determine our comfort? The Stressless Glide system allows your Ekornes recliner to respond to the way you choose to distribute your body weight, allowing for incredibly customized comfort.
  • The Plus corrective support system. Whether you are reading, watching a movie, or just relaxing, proper head, neck, and lumbar support is key to your comfort -- and your long-term health. The Plus support system by Ekornes is designed to respect this fact, offering adjustable comfort that is built with you in mind!
  • Stressless construction. Injectable foam, a space-age steel construction, and a carefully selected set of wood, leather, and fabric makes for a one-of-a-kind build that is made to stand the test of time.


As you can see, when you buy Stressless furniture, there is no need to stress! To make your shopping experience even better, buy Stressless Ekornes furniture through RLA. Our customer-friendly shipping policies, industry-leading prices, and helpful customer service all make us a truly unique furniture partner for consumers all across the continental US!