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If you are looking for the perfect chair or couch to furnish your home, look no further than Ekornes Furniture.  For over 80 years, Ekornes has been making a name for itself not only in its home country of Norway, but all over the world. Continue reading to find out why this furniture stands above the rest, and deserves a place in your house. 


Stressless furniture: comfort you can count on. 

Ekornes Furniture has earned a great deal of attention for its Stressless brand of chairs. The chairs start with three layers of cushioning foam wrapped around a sturdy, steel frame. All chairs have a leather front and back which provide breathable comfort to all who use the chair. The chair has a two-stem base, as opposed to the conventional one-stem base design. This design allows for greater stability, and supports the hidden swivel ring located under the seat of the chair. It is this hidden ring that makes turning in all directions effortless. The chair is also designed to adjust to your body as you switch positions in your chair, providing you with ultimate comfort without needing to lift a finger. 


A selection designed for any lifestyle. 

All furniture can be easily customized to meet your home decor and budget. Ekornes Furniture provides a choice of five quality leathers in a plethora of colors ranging from a natural brown to bright red to dark purple. You are also given the choice between seven beautifully finished types of wood including cherry and mahogany. With so many options, you are sure to find the right fit for you and your home. 


View our Ekornes photo gallery at Recliners.LA and prepare to be impressed. Shop online or in person to take advantage of the incredible prices and amazing customer service that has made us one of Los Angeles’ number one furniture retailers.