Should I Purchase Extended Leather Stain Protection?

December 19, 2017

Though some furniture stores might try to sell you a leather stain protection plan on top of the regular price of your furniture, here at Recliners.LA we prefer to take a different approach. Here are a few reasons why you don’t need to worry about hidden costs at RLA: 


  • Quality manufacturers offer warranties of their own. When you buy from a high-end vendor such as Ekornes, American Leather, Himolla, etc. you can rest assured that the manufacturer will take personal responsibility to ensure that you have a wonderful furniture experience. (Compare that to the Costco or IKEA furniture shopping experience!)  
  • Top grade leather is stain resistant, and cleaning spills in a timely manner by yourself is usually enough to prevent stains. If you do experience trouble in removing stains, then the Leather Cleaning and Protection Kit by Guardian is one of the best ways to clean leather upholstery at home.  
  • The true danger of most spills is odor, not visible stains. The good news is that odors, like stains, can be prevented with quick action. Check out this RLA Leather Cleaning guide to learn more about this topic. (Better to learn now than in the midst of a furniture emergency, after all!)  
  • Professional cleaning and repairs are oftentimes surprisingly affordable. In fact, the cost of a stain warranty itself might end up being more expensive than simply paying a cleaning service.   
  • Your credit card perks might sweeten the deal. Some credit card plans offer an extra year of protection on all manufacturer warranties of items bought with the card.  
  • Insurance may cover you. Stains caused by uncontrollable accidents (i.e. a burst pipe or an infestation) will likely be covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance plan, negating the need for additional protection.  


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