Small Reclining Chairs for Loft Living

August 03, 2018

Small Reclining Chairs for Loft Living

Kicking back and relaxing has never felt so good.

There’s nothing quite like falling asleep in a luxurious recliner. At Recliners.LA, we know this fact better than anyone, which is why we should be the first stop when you’re in the market to purchase a new recliner.

Don’t let yourself get hassled into overpaying for a low-quality recliner at one of those big-name furniture retailers. Let the fine folks at Recliners.LA help you select the perfect recliner just for you. And at Recliners.LA, our lowest prices are guaranteed!


Relaxing in a Recliner Is Good for Your Back

Despite what you were told when you were younger, studies actually show that sitting with your back at a 90-degree angle, or sitting up straight, as many have heard before, is one of the most damaging postures an individual can sustain. Experts actually recommend sitting with your back at a 110 or 130-degree angle, for this is the best position for your back’s health.

When you sit back with your legs raised, it’s a lot easier for relaxation to occur, which in turn means it’s easier for stress to be released. And since stress is by far the leading cause of chronic back pain, all of this seems to make perfect sense.


Why Small Reclining Chairs Are Ideal in Loft Living

If you’re looking to purchase a recliner for a loft-style living-space, you’re already making a smart decision. Why purchase a large futon or sofa when the space you have available is limited to begin with? In any of our small recliners, you will find the same amount of comfort and luxury, if not more, than any futon or sofa out there has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit one of our showrooms or contact us now!