The American Leather Comfort Recliners’ Beautiful Side Profile

From saving space, to reducing your overall furniture budget cost, to accommodating guests -- the benefits of investing in a sleeper sofa are clear. The big concern for many would-be buyers? Looks. Nobody wants a shabby-looking sleeper sofa cluttering up their beautiful living room, den, or guest room, after all! And unfortunately, sleeper sofas have (in many cases, rightfully) earned a bad reputation in this department.   


Here’s the good news: many of the world’s most respected furniture brands are working hard to reverse that negative perception -- brands such as Luonto, Palliser, and, of course, American Leather. 


If you want to see exactly how sleek and stylish American Leather can be, then we encourage you to check out any one of the following three reduced-price American Leather Sleepers! 


Gina Tempurpedic. If you are looking for an incredible range of customization options, then it’s hard to go wrong with Gina. Not only does this sofa come in eight different colors, four sizes, three finished, and two upholstery materials -- you also have the choice to switch the Tempurpedic mattress for a Gel or Premier mattress.  


Gwen Premiere. Featuring big, bold edges and defined corners, this sleeper sofa is sure to be a hit among anyone looking to save some space!  


Haley Gel. A homier, more traditional sleeper sofa than Gina, Haley is a great option for spacious houses -- and parents will especially love the durable leather upholstery option! Those living in smaller houses or apartments may wish to consider the small version of this sofa, which comes in at the tiny price of just $3449.  


Buying a quality sleeper sofa doesn’t need to mean spending big. American Leather makes unmatched sleeper sofas at unmatched prices -- so check out our sleeper sofa collection at Recliners.LA today!