The Benefits of a Hidden Recliner Footrest Versus Separate Ottomans

December 08, 2017

Which is better: a connected footrest that can be hidden within the recliner itself, or a separate ottoman? Every shopper has their opinion -- and both sides of the argument certainly have some good points. In the end, though, your choice should probably be based upon the individual characteristics of your home and the overall style that you are aiming for. If you haven’t yet made up your mind, then this quick guide might be able to help:


The benefits of a built-in footrest include:

  • Saving space. There is little doubt that a concealable footrest occupies less room than an ottoman. So those who are living in small apartments (or those who are simply looking to save square footage) should probably consider a recliner with a built-in footrest.
  • Designer comfort. It is a matter of taste, to be sure, but some people find footrests to be more comfortable than ottomans. One reason for this? Because hidden footrests are attached, there is no need to worry about adjusting the distance from the seat itself -- rather, you can rely on the design specifications of the expert designer who created the piece.
  • Elegant style. Another subjective point -- but if you prefer the sleeker, more unified style that a hidden footrest offers, then this could be a powerful selling point for you.


The benefits of a separated ottoman

  • Versatility. Want to leave the ottoman a foot away from your recliner and really stretch out your legs? No problem. Hosting a party and need extra seating? Someone will inevitably use the ottoman as a chair. In fact, someone might even use it as a makeshift table! What is certain is that ottomans offer a degree of versatility that built-in footrests just can’t compete with.
  • Storage. Some ottomans, such as the one included with the Eldorado high back recliner by Stressless from Ekornes, offer built in storage space. Therefore, even though ottomans to take up more room, they can also help you save space as well.


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