The Best Leather Recliners Available Now at RLA

January 19, 2018

The Best Leather Recliners Available Now at RLA

The Elliot Comfort Recliner from American LeatherAmerican leather may be a relative newcomer compared to other classic American furniture manufacturers such as La-Z-Boy or Barcalounger -- but this Dallas-based business is making up for lost time fast!  The sleek and versatile Breckin Tempur Pedic Mattress Sleeper Sofa from American Leather is another one of many examples of how American Leather is quickly gaining nation and even world-wide renown for their durable, stylish, and unmistakably innovative furniture. One last piece of good news for potential customers? The Breckin Sleeper Sofa can be yours today for just $4,849, with financing options available!  


Himolla Furniture Opus Recliner. Himolla is a leader in the German furniture industry  -. and the Opus recliner is yet another magnum opus in a long line of Himolla masterpieces. You can check out the full Himolla collection, complete with photos, prices, product descriptions, and more, by visiting the Himolla link above.  


The City Lowback High-Base Recliner from Stressless by EkornesLowback recliners are the perfect compliment to small rooms -- and the raised base of this stylish, urban recliner from Stressless will make your space appear even larger by utilizing a well-known visual perception trick. This modern yet timeless reclining chair is yet another example of why Stressless by Ekornes is more than just a brand -- it is a style of its own. And yes, that might sound like a lofty statement, but after decades of consistently innovating the furniture industry while still being consistently considered the best around, Stressless has certainly earned every bit of praise it receives. 


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