The Fjords In Norway are Home to Some of the Best Manufactured Furniture in the World

July 12, 2016

The Fjords In Norway are Home to Some of the Best Manufactured Furniture in the World

Of all of the furniture manufacturing hubs in the world, perhaps the most famous—for its quality, its technology, its culture, and so much more—is the coastal fjords of Norway. This is an area with a long and interesting history, and you can bet that that sense of history and culture has worked its way into the design of Norwegian furniture. Additionally, Norwegian furniture is influenced by the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds it. Norwegian furniture is built to be as beautiful as Norway’s glistening fjords and as durable as its towering mountains.

Two of the most famous furniture manufacturers in Norway are Ekornes and—named, of course, after the signature geographical feature of the country—Fjords. These two companies are renowned for their attention to quality and decades of experience. As a result, their success has spread far beyond the borders of Norway. Ekornes and Fjords are names known across the world as synonymous with spectacular furniture.

What gives these two companies their reputation as leaders in the world of furniture? To begin with, both companies use the perfect blend of ultra modern technology and experienced manual labor to bring you a product that is crafted both precisely and artistically. The result is a uniquely human touch without the risk of human error—the perfect combination. Additionally, both companies use manufacturing techniques that are simultaneously efficient, practical and environmentally friendly. This means fair prices for you as a customer and a better world for everyone.

However, it is impossible to describe in words exactly how stylistically refined and comfortable the furniture of either of these companies is. To better understand why Ekornes and Fjords furniture are right for you, feel free to browse our large collection of furniture from both of these companies at Recliners LA.