The Most Comfortable Sofa Beds by American Leather

June 22, 2018

The Most Comfortable Sofa Beds by American Leather

Choosing the right sofa bed can be the difference between long, sleepless nights and splendidly restless guest stays. Here at Recliners.LA, we offer sleepers from a wide range of highly-respected furniture brands -- but American Leather is certainly a customer favorite. In this article, we will take a quick look at a few of our favorites.


First, however, a quick disclaimer: while these are our all-star selections, American Leather boasts an impressively wide selection that certainly bears checking out by anyone who is serious about finding the best sleeper sofa or sofa bed for their needs. Visit Recliners.LA in person to try some more American Leather sofa beds and furniture pieces for yourself -- or, at the very least check out our full selection of American Leather sofa beds through our online gallery and showroom!


1. The Bryson Premier Mattress Sleeper Sofa

Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and finish styles, the Bryson is all about customization. Regardless of which options you select, however, you’re sure to sleep well on this incredibly designed sofa bed!


2. The Gibbs Gel Mattress Sleeper Sofa

Build the guest room of your dreams with the stately Gibbs sleeper sofa -- while the Premier Mattress and Tempur Pedic versions of this American Leather classic are certainly comfy, we think the gel mattress from Gibbs wins the competition. Come into RLA to judge for yourself!


3. Lyons Sleeper Sofa

What makes this sofa so special? While the sleek look and its “more sleep space in less floor place” design certainly help, it’s difficult to understand exactly why the Lyons sleeper sofa is such a customer favorite until you’ve tried it out for yourself!


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