The Original La-Z-Boy Recliner

April 27, 2018

The Original La-Z-Boy Recliner

Interested in learning a bit of furniture history? La-Z-Boy boasts more than just one of the most expansive and impressive collections of affordable high-end furniture on the market -- they also have one of the most inspiring company stories that we’ve ever heard.


The original La-Z-Boy Recliner was built by two cousins in the basement of their Michigan home, and wasn’t even given its current name until the ambitious young entrepreneurs brought their early reclining chair prototype to a local fair and had a naming competition! That’s where an unnamed branding genius in the crowd threw out the idea “Lazy Boy” -- and, as you already know, the name stuck!


This little anecdote occurred in the early 1930s, decades before reclining furniture became commonplace in the American home. President Lyndon B. Johnson is oftentimes given credit for popularizing the idea, because he frequently sat in his own custom-made recliner while giving televised addressed to the public. Though his use of the recliner certainly did help bring the idea to the mainstream, the hard work and dedication put forth by innovators such as the early employees of La-Z-Boy furniture also played a big role.


The recliner has evolved consistently since its earlier days, and those looking for the original La-Z-Boy recliner will be disappointed to learn that the earliest models are no longer on the market today! However, La-Z-Boy does offer a diverse selection of ultra-modern recliners and old school throwbacks, so whatever your personal tastes may be, La-Z-Boy has got you covered!


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