The Ottoman Empire

July 12, 2017

The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire

 No, we're not talking about the epic kingdom that once spanned across parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. We're talking about our epic collection of ottoman furniture here at Recliners.LA!  


For the curious, ottoman furniture does take its name from the former empire. This nifty style of furniture first became popular in the 1700's in Turkey, but the rest of the world was impressed, and ottomans soon became popular all around the globe. 


Today, ottomans remain popular in large part because of their versatility. Ottomans can be used interchangeably as chairs, tables, and footrests. And some ottomans even include extra features such as interior storage space or a wooden tabletop surface.  


If you are looking to make your living room more comfortable, or to add versatile furniture to your collection, or to accommodate more people with the same amount of space, then an ottoman might be the right furniture option for you. If you like the simple yet regal style that has been wowing people around the world for almost 300 years, then an ottoman might be right for you. And if you’re just not sure, then we encourage you to browse our ottoman selection and consider how the following pieces might fit into your home. 


The Double Ottoman Table Ottoman, from Stressless by Ekornes, is one of our personal favorites. On sale now for just $1,095, this is a steal from one of the most widely respected furniture companies in the world.  


If you’re a fan of matching ottomans, on the other hand, then perhaps the Consul Recliner and Ottoman, also from Stressless by Ekornes, is a good choice for you. This Recliner/Ottoman combo is available now for $1,695.  


To find more great sales on great ottomans, and to browse our entire RLA ottoman collection, head over to Recliners.LA online today.