The Power of Flexsteel Furniture

March 21, 2017

The Power of Flexsteel Furniture

Originally founded in Minneapolis 1893 as The Rolph and Ball Furniture Company, Flexsteel Furniture is one of the oldest and most well-respected furniture manufacturers in the United States. That being said, Flexsteel has made it clear that they aren’t the kind of manufacturer to simply rest on their laurels. Decade after decade, the company has offered a refreshing blend of tradition and innovation--and it is precisely this ambition that has allowed the company to thrive for so long. One of the most special and exciting leaps that the company has made in more recent years is the addition of a sensible and highly affordable line of power furniture.



The Benefits of Power Furniture

Designed with comfort in mind, power-reclining furniture adjusts to the needs of each and every individual with the mere touch of a button. For most, this feature is a special luxury. For others, namely those who struggle with mobility issues, this feature is a practical necessity. The accommodating automatic motion, combined with the patented DualFlex spring system and an optimal support system, makes for an ergonomic experience that even the most discerning of customers are sure to appreciate.


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