The Story of Fjords Furniture

December 06, 2016

The Story of Fjords Furniture

Nestled among the stunning mountainous coast of western Norway lies the old port city of Stavanger--home to rich cultural traditions, enchanting cobblestone streets, and one of the most well-loved furniture manufacturers in the world. For over seven decades, Fjords furniture has been producing some of the world’s finest recliners, loveseats and sofas.


Originally named Hjellegjerde, after the family name of the three brothers who started the company from the cellar of their parents’ home, the company grew from a small family operation to a nationally-recognized brand that was even beginning to explore international markets by the start of the 80’s.


Then, in 1981, the unthinkable happened. More than half of Hjellegjerde’s longtime factory was burned down in a tragic fire. Although rescue teams managed to save not only the lives of all workers, but also a great deal of the finished inventory, the company was brought to its knees. Production halted for two full years, and it appeared that the end was drawing near for this once-promising company.


Thankfully, the Hjellegjerde brothers didn’t give up, investing instead in a new state-of-the-art factory and, eventually, a worldwide marketing strategy that helped bring their high-quality chairs to homes in all corners of the globe. This evolution eventually inspired the company to change its name to a more internationally accessible alternative. Given the company’s unique location in one of the most beautiful and famous parts of the earth, Fjords was the logical choice.


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