Thinking of Sleeping Every Day on a Sofa Bed?

March 23, 2018

Thinking of Sleeping Every Day on a Sofa Bed?


A bed is, obviously, the first choice for most people’s sleeping arrangement. However, studio apartments, unconventional sleep schedules, and living with roommates can sometimes complicate matters. And if you do need to save space, a convertible sofa bed from American Leather is the hands-down best choice for many reasons. Here are just a few: 


  1. A Better Bed Means a Better Night Sleep.Mattress quality has been linked with a variety of sleep benefits, as demonstrated in this influentialNational Institutes of Health study on back pain, sleep quality, and perceived stress. And we probably don’t need to preach about the multiple health advantages of good sleep -- which range from reduced blood pressure, to better impulse control, to improved mental health, and much more.  


  1. American Leather Sleeper Sofas are Truly Multi-Functional.Of course, all sleeper-sofas are multi-functional in theory -- but American Leather is one of the few manufacturers offering furniture with mattresses fromGel Mattress, Tempurpedic, and Premier. In other words, this is a sleeper sofa that you will actually want to sleep on! (And how many other convertible sleeper sofa companies can truthfully say that about their products?) 


  1. One Word: Style.Last but certainly not least, looks are a big concern for many people considering the switch to sleeper sofas, which is why you will be quite happy when you check out the American Leather photo gallery and discover exactly how appealing American Leather furniture truly is. And because ouronline photo gallery comes complete with product information, pricing, videos, and much more, you will also be thrilled to discover just how affordable these sleeper sofas are, as well!  


Have any questions about buying an American Leather sleeper sofa online? Be sure to reach out and contact RLA to speak with a helpful and knowledgeable customer representative!