What are the Top Selling Leather Colors?

Leather furniture offers more variety than you may think. Here at Recliners.LA, you will find a wide variety of leather colors, in addition to dozens of customizable wood finishes and other personalized details to choose from. 


Still not sure which color sofa will best fit your home? Take inspiration from the following list of our top-selling leather colors at RLA!  


Stylish Black 

Cool, modern, and neutral enough to work with virtually any color scheme, black is an increasingly common choice for leather furniture at home and in the workplace. Just check out how awesome this Jasper II Power Recliner Floor Model Sofa by Palliser looks!  


Bright & Bold 

If you are striving for a truly eye-catching an innovative look, then go bright and go bold! The Gina Gel Mattress Sofa by American Leather, available in stunning velvety-red, is a prime example of why so many customers now opt for stark and striking colors.  


Light Neutrals 

For a more traditional and low-key look, light neutrals are a safe and cozy choice. Who couldn’t imagine resting in the Comfort Scandic High Back Sofa by Fjords from the comfort of their family living room or den?  


Classic Dark Hues 

Another tried-and-true conventional sofa color option are dark hues such as deep brown. The Easton Reclining Loveseat, one of the most popular pieces in our extensive La-Z-Boy furniture selection, shows exactly why these kinds of colors will never go out of style.  


Sleek White 

Last but not least, you may wish to consider the elegance and beauty of an all-white sofa such as the Buckingham Low Back Reclining Sofa from Stressless by Ekornes. 


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Get in touch with Recliners.LA and we will be happy to discuss your needs and help you discover the perfect sofa, loveseat, sectional, or recliner for your home!