When to Choose Metal or Wood for My Recliner Legs

November 09, 2018

When to Choose Metal or Wood for My Recliner Legs

Your floor will thank you.

While it’s true they often go unnoticed, the legs on some pieces of furniture are designed with more than structure in mind; in other words, some legs, their main purpose is to support the piece, are meant to be aesthetically pleasing as well. These legs are usually made of wood or metal, and each material has its own characteristics (shape, design, etc.) that make it ideal for a particular setting. Wood, for example, has long been associated with sophistication and class, and it’s likely you’ve seen elegant, wood-legged furniture in a nice home or apartment before. Metal, on the other hand, is more sharp (visually), sleek, and goes great with leather; you’ve probably seen some metal-legged furniture in a business setting before.

As far as looks are concerned, you can’t go wrong with either wood legs or metal legs. There are, however, other things to consider before you decide which legs to go with, your floor probably being the most important.

How Do I Know Which Chair Legs Are Right for My Floor?

Installing a beautiful piece of furniture on a floor marred by scratches is counterproductive. That’s why you should take every available measure to make sure your piece is scratch-proof. Furniture legs, both wood and metal, can be equipped with a wooden or plastic coaster to protect your tile, wood, or vinyl floors, which means you’ll be able to rearrange without ever having to worry about causing extensive and expensive damage.

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