Where is Flexsteel Furniture Made?


Flexsteel furniture is a leader in the world of recliners for a number of reasons. For more than a hundred years they have been dedicated to the manufacturing of some of the highest quality furniture available on the market today. Their products are designed to be beautiful without losing functionality, and durable without losing style. Their products are tested again and again to ensure quality, and backed up with generous warranties. Their thoughtful and personalized customer service is unparalleled 


As if all of these achievements were not enough to cement Flexsteel’s name into the furniture hall of fame, here is another: all Flexsteel furniture is manufactured right here in the U.S. This means more jobs here in the U.S. and an attention to quality that can only be achieved with close inspection of all furniture as it is being made right here in a domestic environment. The choice to keep manufacturing here in the U.S. is never an easy one. However, Flexsteel has made this choice because it knows cutting corners is never the path to true success. 


Recliners.LA is a company dedicated to only working with the absolute best furniture makers in the world. This is precisely why Flexsteel has become one of the many great brands now being showcased in our stores across southern California. We are proud to offer the products of a company that has consistently proven its worthiness for decades and decades. With a track record this great, and furniture this comfortable, how could we not? 


Flexsteel is only one example of the select few trusted furniture companies Recliners.LA has chosen to work with. We sell Flexsteel furniture only because we have the utmost confidence that you as a customer will love what we have in stock. To learn more about our brands, our prices, and everything else we have to offer, visit our website today!