Why Choose Barcalounger Furniture?

November 18, 2016

Why Choose Barcalounger Furniture?

Of the thousands of furniture manufacturers in the world, Recliners.LA has carefully curated a select handful that represents the most unique, innovative, quality-driven, and customer-approved companies the market has to offer. So clearly, there is a compelling case for why any piece offered through our one-of-a-kind online store could make a superb addition to your home or place of business. In this article, we will focus on one vendor in particular: Barcalounger.  


Founded in Buffalo, New York, and currently manufacturing in Morristown, Tennessee, Barcalounger furniture is a true-blue American business that has weaved its way into the fabric of American culture in a number of ways: from becoming the first US company to offer coffee breaks back in 1902, to enjoying references by authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and John Updike, and television shows such as Friends and Shameless. 


Of course, the real reason behind the fame that Barcalounger enjoys is the same reason the company has managed to stick around (albeit in different incarnations) for more than a century: they make spectacular furniture. A few specific traits that make Barcalounger so special include:  


  • Diversity of styles. From the plush and timeless to the sleek and modern, and everything in between. 


  • Affordability. Barcalounger furniture offers top-notch quality at an incredible price. 



  • Customizable features. These include an optional glider, a swivel feature, a hidden footrest, high or low legs, separate ottoman selections, a wall hugger option, and power motion capability. 


  • Durability. When you buy Barcalounger you know your chair is built to last, making a great investment even greater! 


To learn more about Barcalounger furniture, visit Recliners.LA online or in-person today!