Why Comfort Sleepers by American Leather are Revolutionary

March 16, 2018

Why Comfort Sleepers by American Leather are Revolutionary


Here at Recliners.LA, we always strive to work with respected and innovative furniture manufacturers -- and you can bet your bottom dollar that each and every brand listed in the RLA online shop meets the highest standards in the worldwide furniture industry. However, it is no secret that American Leather stands out as a special and revolutionary force in the furniture industry. Here’s why: 


  1. A Unique Production Philosophy.What other furniture manufacturers can truthfully boast that their production process is modeled after the innovative Japanese auto industry, after all? (Or, for that matter, what other brands can offer quicker turnaround and shipping time on their custom-designed furniture?)


  1. Priced for Comfort.The plush cushions, high-quality upholstery, and scientific design aren’t the only factors that make American Leather such an incredibly comfortable sofa -- the prices will be just as good for your financial comfort and well-being as the comfort sleepers are for your physical and emotional well-being. And as anyone who has ever shopped for sleeper sofas in the past knows,sleeper sofa prices starting in the $2000s are pretty darn revolutionary! 


  1. Unparalleled Style.Want to find out exactly how distinct and inventive American Leather’s aesthetic sense truly is? Well don’t take our word for it -- check out the RLA American Leather Photo gallery to see with your own two eyes!


  1. A Sleeper Sofa made for Sleeping.This notion shouldn’t sound subversive -- but anyone who has ever tried sleeping on a sleeper sofa knows exactly why it is. Why not come into a Recliners.LA store to try it out for yourself and find out just how comfortable a sleeper sofa experience can be!  


  1. Now Available with Custom Upholstery Options.Many American Leather sleeper sofas have eight or more color and fabric options, allowing you to get the exact piece you need to complete the trip you’ve been dreaming of.