Why Shop Furniture from a Local Store and Not Amazon

August 17, 2018

It’s the kind of purchase you’ll want done in a store.

Despite a lot of the bad press Amazon gets today, it’s an undeniably successful company, one that has made life incredibly better for a vast plurality of individuals across the world. Think about it: at what point in time, before now, were you ever able to get almost anything you wanted, and within two days of you purchasing it? The simple answer is never.

But there are some areas of the market where Amazon does fall short. One area specifically is the furniture business. Sure, you may be able to find good deals with fast shipping when you shop through Amazon for furniture, but are these perks really worth the cost of never seeing, in person, the furniture you are purchasing?

At Recliners.LA, we think not—and here’s why.


Purchase Furniture That Fits Your Lifestyle

At most traditional furniture retailers, an experienced representative is supposed to help you select the perfect piece for you— a service you definitely cannot get on Amazon. Sure, there are a bevy of reviews you can read about the piece you intend to purchase online, and of course there are detailed descriptions as well, but nothing quite compares to being able to see and feel a piece of luxurious furniture you intend to buy.

At Recliners.LA, your satisfaction is all we’re interested in, which is why we’ll work with you diligently in order to help you find the best piece of furniture. And we’ve done the math: several of our pieces are offered at even lower prices than those shown on Amazon, which means your savings will be even greater when you choose to shop with us.

There has never been a better time to come visit any one of our showrooms. Get in touch with a representative today!