Yes, We Sell Innovation USA Furniture!

September 16, 2016

Yes, We Sell Innovation USA Furniture!

Innovation Living is a Danish furniture company with a larger-than-life reputation both in Denmark and around the world. Bringing together an all star design team including the likes of Per Weiss, Oliver WeissKrogh, and Lukas WeissKrogh, Innovation Living certainly features the talented needed to live up to its forward-looking name. 


See Innovation Living Furniture for Yourself. 

As you can see by visiting our online photo gallery here at Recliners.LA, Innovation Living furniture makes the grade for originality. Although the company offers an impressive variety of truly distinctive chairs, sofas, recliners, and loveseats, each and every piece remains sleek and ultra-modern in its own way. If you live in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we highly encourage you to stop by one of our locations and try this amazing furniture out for yourself. 


The importance of design 

This aesthetic is no accident: it also lends itself to highly efficient design. The ultra-smart design maximizes this space efficiency even more. Innovation living furniture offers enough room to stretch out and get comfortable, yet it never takes up to much space. 


Moreover, Innovation furniture is adaptable furniture for a flexible lifestyle. Many great sofa beds offered by this company (such as the Innovation USA Oldschool Chesterfield Convertible Sofa Bed) are virtually indistinguishable as sofa beds until they are being used. This ensures maximum style and comfort no matter what the situation.  


Living up to a grand name 

True to their name, Innovation Living furniture is always innovating and creating new and exciting pieces of furniture. The company recently released its new 2016/2017 collection to the public here in the United States (where, as you have surely noticed, they operate under the name of their local branch, Innovation USA. These exciting new pieces can be seen (once again) in our photo gallery, so be sure to visit Recliners.LA online today!