Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs are Good for Health

April 06, 2018

Zero Gravity Reclining Chairs are Good for Health

With the term “couch potato” -- and its slightly spunkier synonym “sofa spud” -- being such common phrases, we started thinking that living room furniture is getting a bad rap! Here are a few ways that a good chair, like the ones in our zero gravity reclining chair collection at Recliners.La, can actually be good for your health. 


- Reclining chairs can be good for your posture. The antiquated idea that sitting up straight is the picture-perfect definition of good posture has gone out the window over the course of the past decade or so. As the website Ergonomicshealth has been reporting for quite some time, research actually supports the notion that reclining can be good for your back health. This is because reclining allows pressure from your body weight to be more evenly, thus reducing strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the back, neck and hips. Because those parts of the body usually do quite a bit of work, giving them a rest can be quite beneficial, reducing your risk of soreness and injury.  


- Relieving stress is always a positive. Hypertension, muscle pulls, and even anxiety -- these are just a few health conditions associated with high levels of stress. So if your current sofa or chair just isn’t cutting it in terms of helping you chill out, then we highly recommend investing in a high quality zero-gravity chair from a trusted brand such as Human Touch or Palliser.  


- Put your feet up! Moisture retention can wreak havoc on your feet, so if you suffer from swelling or discomfort after spending too long standing, leaning back in a good recliner is one of the best ways to get some short-term relief.  


We’ll be the first to admit it -- buying a recliner is no substitute for hitting the gym. But if you’re looking to shop zero gravity furniture, we’ve got you covered! Head over to RLA today to check out our full selection!