BDI USA - Home Theatre Furniture - Video

An overview of all of the qualities that make BDI home theatre furniture unique.

BDI home theatre equipment is as innovative and attractive as it is convenient. Each cabinet features a polished hardwood veneer, hand picked for maximum beauty and quality. State of the art flow-through ventilation helps cool cable boxes and DVRs while they are running, to extend lifespan and enhance performance. Adjustable shelves are engineered into every home theatre system, so that customers can adjust to changing technology and personal taste. Soft material within cabinets absorbs vibrations to prevent unwanted resonance. Removable drawers increase display options and customization. Back panels can be moved/removed effortlessly, without risking rigidity, in order to accommodate larger pieces of home theatre equipment. Hidden wheels allow you to roll and move your cabinet without the help of multiple people. Smoothly integrated levelers allow you to fine tune your cabinet’s alignment using only an allen wrench. Grey tinted glass protects your equipment but allows infrared rays from remote control devices to pass smoothly through, for optimal functionality.

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Recliners.LA is one of the nation's top BDI USA furniture dealers with four beautiful furniture galleries in Los Angeles, California. Headquarters for Recliners.LA are in Downtown Los Angeles with showrooms in Costa Mesa (Orange County), Pasadena, Redondo Beach, & Santa Monica. We also ship nationwide with FREE DELIVERY on most items. Browse our American Leather products online, call a specialist today (888-404-7632), or visit a store today.