A comprehensive look at the functions offered by the Semblance Modular System.

Semblance is a versatile modular system designed for any space--office, home, large or small. The beauty of Semblance Modular System lies in its ability to fit in anywhere, as a shelf, a bookcase, a stand, or a part of your home theatre. Pre-designed Semblance packages are available, as well as customizable sets that allow you to be creative and design your own setup from scratch. End and divider panels, shelves, and cabinets come in single and double length sizes, for maximum customization. In the home, Semblance can be used to create practical and comfortable home furnishings. In the office, it is designed for building a compact and useful workspace. Office furnishings like desks are made for practicality, with varying, useful shapes (see our Peninsula desk) and smooth writing surfaces.

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