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BDI USA - Collection 2016

A look at the new and improved 2016 collection of BDI furniture.

BDI USA - Corridor Bar

A quick tour of this tasteful and practical bar from BDI USA.

BDI USA - Furniture Design Philosophy

A thoughtful review of the core values and principles of BDI furniture.

BDI USA - Home Theatre Furniture

An overview of all of the qualities that make BDI home theatre furniture unique.

BDI USA - Semblance Modular Furniture

A comprehensive look at the functions offered by the Semblance Modular System.

BDI USA - Sequel Office Furniture

A look at BDI’s Sequel Office Furniture line.

Recliners.LA - Authorized BDI Furniture Dealer

Recliners.LA is one of the nation's top BDI furniture dealers with four beautiful furniture galleries in Los Angeles, California.  Headquarters for Recliners.LA are in Downtown Los Angeles with showrooms in Costa Mesa (Orange County), Pasadena, Redondo Beach, & Santa Monica.  We also ship nationwide with FREE DELIVERY on most items.  Browse our BDI products online, call a specialist today (888-404-7632), or visit a store today.

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