Cozzia - EC-618 - Video

An in depth explanation of the Cozzia EC-618 massage chair.

Since the dawn of civilization, massages have been known for their mental and physical health benefits. The Cozzia EC-618 chair is designed to give you the best, most relaxing, most therapeutic massages you can get. How? For one, the chair’s 0-G position, used by astronauts during takeoff, is designed to put as little pressure on your body and your spine as possible. In this position, more blood goes to your core, which slows your heart rate, and no stress is put on any vertebra of your spine. A remote control allows easy access to all features of your chair without having to move or turn your neck. You can use this remote control to move effortlessly to and from the 0-G position. A timer button allows you to choose how long you want your massage to last. Additionally, you have a range of choices when it comes to how intense you want your massage to be--from light and relaxing to strong and vigorous.

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