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Ekornes is one of Europe’s largest consumers of leather. We purchase the leather from selected tanneries all over the world. Our own inspectors take part in the leather selection, which is conducted in accordance with international norms for quality determination. The experience we have gained from this work is for your benefit when you buy Stressless or Ekornes leather furniture. Our leather is manufactured according to current laws, guidelines and recommendations relating to their utilisation properties, and for the use and content of chemicals and other substances. We are cooperating with recognised international institutions in this line of business to ensure that we are updated at all times with events relating to health, safety and the environment. You can choose between these types of leather for Stressless or Ekornes furniture Show full description»


Batick is a corrected, pigment improved and grain embossed upholstery leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. Batick may have a two-tone colour effect to liven up the surface. Batick is resistant to fading, although changes in colour will occur over time due to use and exposure to light. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Simple cleaning, excellent utilisation properties and a favourable price make Batick a good choice.

Batick - Black - 19Black (19)
Batick - Brown (85)Brown (85)
Batick - Burgundy (55)Burgundy (55)
Batick - Chili Red (62)Chili Red (62)
Batick - Cream (13)Cream (13)
Batick - Grey (79)Grey (79)
Batick - Latte (04)Latte (04)
Batick - Mole (09)Mole (09)
Batick - Batick - Snow (11)Batick - Snow (11)


CLASSIC is a corrected, pigment improved and grain embossed upholstery leather. Classic is somewhat thicker and has a larger pebbled grain than Batick. Most of its natural marks are removed. Also some of the Classic colours have a two-tone colour effect to liven up the surface. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Classic is a wise choice if you want leather with excellent utilisation properties and a robust structure.

Paloma - Aqua Green (92)Aqua Green (92)
Paloma - Black (19)Black (19)
Paloma - Brandy (46)Brandy (46)
Paloma - Brown (24)Brown (24)
Paloma - Carmel (87)Carmel (87)
Paloma - Cherry (58)Cherry (58)
Paloma - Chocolate (34)Chocolate (34)
Paloma - Clementine (56)Clementine (56)
Paloma - Indigo (74)Indigo (74)
Paloma - Khaki (4)Khaki (4)
Paloma - Kitt (32)Kitt (32)
Paloma - Light Grey (15)Light Grey (15)
Paloma - Indigo (74)Indigo (74)
Paloma - Mocca (35)Mocca (35)
Paloma - New Forest (29)New Forest (29)
Paloma - Oxford Blue (18)Oxford Blue (18)
Paloma - Pearl (25)Pearl (25)
Paloma - Rock (80)Rock (80)
Paloma - Sand (21)Sand (21)
Paloma - Stone (6)Stone (6)
Paloma - Taupe (84)Taupe (84)


Paloma is a slightly corrected leather with a combination of dyes and pigments that smoothes down some of the structure (the grain pattern) of the leather. The grain structure in Paloma may however vary a little at some parts of the furniture and also minor colour nuances may appear in the leather. Natural marks, scars and insect bites are natural and will appear in Paloma. A thin coat of lacquer gives Paloma some protection and simplifies cleaning, but Paloma does not have the same heavy duty quality and protection as Batick and Classic. Due to its soft, natural and comfortable expression, Paloma is a very popular choice.

Cori - Amarone (66)Amarone (66)
Cori - Beige (20)Beige (20)
Cori - Black (19)Black (19)
Cori - Blue (70)Blue (70)
Cori - Brown (85)Brown (85)
Cori - Fog (37)Fog (37)
Cori - Green (90)Green (90)
Cori - Khaki (4)Khaki (4)
Cori - Fog (37)Fog (37)
Cori - Mole (9)Mole (9)
Cori - Mustard (49)Mustard (49)
Cori - Passion (45)Passion (45)
Cori - Petrol (93)Petrol (93)
Cori - Tan (23)Tan (23)
Cori - Vanilla (2)Vanilla (2)


Royalin is the most exclusive of Ekornes’s leather types, but also the most vulnerable. Royalin is a type of leather with natural pebbled grain and structure, and may have minor colour nuances and some natural marks. This is characteristic for a natural material such as Royalin. A very light surface treatment provides a certain protection, but Royalin absorbs moisture easily, and is extra vulnerable to wear and tear, heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. This requires greater care in use and more vulnerability to influence from direct contact with human skin (especially from neck/hair and hands). Royalin has the softness and a rich warm glow that characterise first classfurniture leather. Variances including grain pattern and colour are an inherent feature within Royalin leather and are a natural mark of high quality.

Royalin - Amarone (66)Amarone (66)
Royalin - Black (19)Black (19)
Royalin - Brown (24)Brown (24)
Royalin - Dark Brown (22)Dark Brown (22)
Royalin - Mole (32)Mole (32)
Royalin - Rust (50)Rust (50)
Royalin - Tigereye (34)Tigereye (34)

Important information if you are buying leather furniture:

As leather is a natural product, colour nuances are normal and colours might vary slightly from one product to another. The leather is sensitive to direct sunlight, stains and perspiration, and colour change will occur with time due to use and the effect of light. Marks left by scars and insect bites are a natural feature of leather with natural grain. Remember that furniture should be protected from direct sunlight and heating sources.


THE STRESSLESS BASE is made from laminated European beech, a light colored wood with an attractive grain, exceptionally suitable for staining in various colours. Also, the strength of the wood makes beech furniture extremely durable.

Wood Finish - BlackBlack
Wood Finish - CherryCherry
Wood Finish - MahoganyMahogany
Wood Finish - NaturalNatural
Wood Finish - TeakTeak
Wood Finish - WalnutWalnut
Wood Finish - WengeWenge

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