Fjords - Hjellegjerde General - Video

A look at the Norwegian nature, weather, culture and people that inspire Fjords furniture.

Fjords furniture was first started by two Norwegian brothers, Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde, back in 1941. They were joined just a few years later by the third brother, Ingvald. Since then, they have been committed to making furniture that, like the frigid Norwegian ocean, is constantly moving and constantly changing, and, like the mountains that ring their fertile fjords, have strong roots, both in history, and in furniture making tradition.

Fjords is inspired not only by the landscape of their country, but by its people as well—people who have striven for thousands of years to make a home in some of the world’s most rugged and challenging terrain. This is why Fjords furniture is made to be not only beautiful and comfortable, but durable, with some of the greatest longevity of any furniture available.

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