Innovation USA - Clubber - Video

Expand your living space with the Innovation USA Clubber.

As one of Denmark’s premier industrial designers—and one of the main creative forces driving the Innovation Living furniture company—Per Weiss has designed a number of breathtakingly elegant yet eye-catchingly sleek pieces of furniture that today grace the homes of thousands of satisfied customers. The Clubber is yet another example of the commitment to creativity shared by Weiss and Innovation Living.

The Clubber is also a fantastic example of why Innovation USA chose the slogan “expand your living space.” Although The Clubber doubles as a three-person sofa and a full sized bed, it is surprisingly compact and gives the rooms it inhabits an open, spacious feeling. This is due to Weiss’s innovative design techniques that combine smart fold-out technology with the ages old interior design technique of raising furniture up on legs in order to minimize the perceived space that the furniture will occupy. In other words, The Clubber looks just as compact as it truly is!

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